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    Wenger out? Be careful what you wish for

    Following their worst start in 20 years the cries for Arsene Wenger to step down are growing louder and louder from Arsenal fans. 

    Saturday's 3-3 draw against Fulham was yet another incredibly bizarre and bonkers performance from Arsenal and they even had a chance to win it at the end but Mark Schwarzer saved Mikel Arteta's penalty. Out of the 11 league games played, Arsenal have won only four.

    During the team's league campaign last year, there were some very vocal Arsenal fans proclaiming that the only way for the club to move forward was to replace the manager. The frustration is centered on 8 trophy less seasons and the continuing prudence with regards to Arsenal's activity in the transfer market, all of this compounded by the team's poor start to the season.

    I am not opposed to change and sometimes it is neccessary. I have always been a huge fan of Wenger and have a great deal of respect for what he is done for Arsenal and his dedication to his philosphies but the past couple of seasons have been very trying.

    When things aren't quite going to plan, it easy to target the manager because when it comes down to it the buck stops with them. Replacing a manager of Wenger's stature and footballing knowledge is not as simple as just calling Pep Guardiola and offering him the job.

    Wenger has overseen the growth of Arsenal and their move to the Emirates, he knows the club inside out and only has the club's best intentions in mind. Remember, too, that the beautiful football that everybody loves to see was introduced by Wenger and his careful nurturing of young talent has seen the club produce some of the finest players the Premier League has ever seen.

    If the club were to appoint a new manager to replace Wenger, what's to say the replacement would not be restricted financially as Wenger clearly is with regards to transfer policy. The Arsenal board state that Wenger has healthy funds to use but Ivan Gazidis has also said that it won't be until 2014 that the club will be able to compete financially with the likes of Man City and Chelsea. 

    I don't think Wenger resigning is the right option, especially with only a quarter of the season gone, and what happens when things do not change instantly if a new manager comes in? Bring in another one? Patience is required in times like this and Wenger is the man for the job. For now, at least.

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    you motherfucking bastard make me so angry. how long should we wait until something changes. Son of bitches like you should rott in hell with Wenger together.

    Je suis d'accord avec vous, monsieur. By the way, the Joey Barton game is fun. When is the John Terry sequel coming out?

    Patience? It's always show patience isn't it. Judge him in May, give him a chance in the transfer window. Lets see whar he does in January. Judge him in May. It's the same evey year. You can bet it will be the same next year and the year after.

    Fellow gooners,

    Wenger may need to go upstairs, however i am 99% sure that its the board that is undermining Wenger, he has one arm behind his back when it comes to transfers, the board tie him down.Its the boarcthat has to GO, Hill-wood is a arrogant etionan who like Kroenke who does not understand what its to be a footy fan let alone AFC are pocketing shares.Fans WE have to protest directly to the board and MAKE that distinction.
    Every AFC fans knows we need a wc striker, strong midfielder and centerback in January otherwise its another season gone,also we never have had our best 11 out Diaby is always injured its crazy, look at MU dare i say it, Rooney or RVP not scoring fucking little p comes on, i am sick to death the board ARE killing my beloved AFC not Arsene!!!!!!

    What other team would have kept AW with his record over the last few year, in fact what major ambitious team would sign him and keep him employed when not even competing for major honours, not winning just in the mix which we seem to be out of before the middle of Novembe. The team seem to be afflicted with the same malaise and are not competing fully for 90 mins in any game this season

    Once upon a time AW was ahead of the game but now he's been overtaken by many and found out by the rest, its a shame but you either keep moving or vegitate, unless you have a Board who only look at the balance sheets

    The permanent thing on earth is change , therefore we need a change, Yes Wenger has tried for Arsenal, he introduced this , he introduced that, that is all a past glory, we need a new ideal, maybe the new manager will introduce a modern system which may supersede that of the Wenger. SACK WENGER!!!

    I quited watching Arsenal games 2 years ago coz Wenger is stupid with his outdated policies.PLZ TAKE UR ALMIGHTY AFC BACT N TO THAT WE MUST SACK ARSENE.

    Typical AKB (ARSENE KNOWS BEST) thank you very much for F&*king up our club alongiside WENGER GAZIDIZ HILLWOOD AND KROENKE. Thank you AKB thank you very f&*king much!!!!

    Its just a job.
    Its not alchemy.
    I'm sure there is someone else on the planet that can be successful in this role.

    Us fans were told once we moved from Highbury to de Emirates we were going to compete wid de other major teams around Europe as well as our own league, this woz said by Wenger & de board - now we have to wait another 2 yrs b4 dis happens!! Bulls??t. Chelsea, R Madrid & even Barcelona have changed their Managers recently & they still manage to challenge & compete in their respective leagues. I just can't accept Wenger stating the only thing he want to win is a Champion League spot and he not bothered abt de other domestic trophies. Sorry IMO we need a change (although to be fair to Wenger depending were we finish in de league) it shouldn't b done in de middle of de season it should be done at the end of de season & de entire board should go as we'll.

    I am amused and sometimes disappointed at the submission of some fans. One person said Wenger's grandmother was a plumber and many others said Wenger is stupid and some called him a fool. Is it as bad as this? There are many clubs waiting to have the service of this man because he is a genius on and off the field. It is the likes of these irresponsible fans who lack decorum and good upbringing that are destroying the team. The players and manger have no motivation to excell. When they performed well, they receive half hearted praises from the fans and when they fall below standard, they are recommended for the guillotine. I doubt if any player will like to give his best to a club that has the highest percentage of irresponsible and idiotic fans. It is the fans not the players, board and manager that will kill the club. The shareholders can decide to sell their shares with profit and go. The manager may leave and some players may also go. Who out you critics can say for sure that the new owners will do better or would not plunge the club into irredeemable state of debt? Who can vouch that the next manager would perform wonders and who can vouch that new players to be brought would be instant hits? All these are mere conjectures and no certainties. The club is about finishing the cycle to self sustenance and stability. It is unfortunate that we missed silverwares by the whiskers in some of those years but why not keep up the hope and end the cycle rather than truncating it? Let us support the team to make amendments, adjustment and improvement. There is no need to embark on a new experiment, the success of which we cannot guarantee. A word is enough for the wise. Donations to a begger would dry up one day but the skill taught a begger would sustain him for life. Anything could happen to the owners of City and Chelsea tommorrow as life itself is very unpredictable and we cannot be immitating those clubs, they have no history, their present successes are transitionary and are unsustainable on the long run. The only club in the EPL we could imitate is Man U in their successes but not in their indebtedness. Football is fast moving away from mere pastime and entertainment, it is now a real business that must be sustained and only the well run club will survive the financial holocaust that will befall English and European sporting clubs very very soon as they can never be isolated from the overall world economy. Arsenal FC is on the right course, borne out of foresight and the process must be completed and consolidated otherwise, all the pains and aches of trophiless years would be in vain. Patience, hope and belief are the answers trusting that those in the helm of affairs are not aversed to winning trophies, they are as troubled as we are but the right thing must be done. To clarify any doubts I support reasonable quality additions to the playing personnels and the clearing out of those who no longer fit into the plan of the club mind you, I do not call them useless players because nobody is useless as far as I am concerned. However the additions must be for now at reasonable costs that will not derail the goal of the team.

    Exactly, both wenger and kronke both need to go. They are both at the bottom of this.

    A good article I agree with your conclusions. People forget Man United waited 26 years to win the league. Chelsea waited over 40 years. Liverpool have never won the Premier league, they won the old First Division 26 years ago. The poor Tiny Tots have never won the Premier league and last won the old First Division some 51 years ago!! Arsenal went 17 years without a trophy until we won the European Fairs Cup in 1970. I believe the season will be a watershed, if we do not win something this season, you will see big changes at the club from the Board down. I am a fanatical supporter, however I wish we could get rid of some of the thick and foul mouthed so called supporters on your site!!
    I wish they could attend my Special operations training, we could then see how brave they really are with there evil comments! Up the Gunners!!

    I just cannot get my head round why 1) they think the board is responsible not Wenger 2) why they think Wenger will change things round.
    Wenger is the ONLY person who decides who to buy and who to sell. Wenger is the only person responsible for tactics, preparation and inspiring.
    There has been 7 years now of good players coming and going. The current crop are virtually all internationals. They ARE talented. But look at how we perform, and its not just this year. Fragile mentally, seemingly tired before the opposition. poor defensively. slow ponderous passing. lack of pressing. These are issues the manager is paid to resolve.
    'be careful what you wish for' jeez why do idiots like you think this club can only be successful under Wenger. Will we just close the club down when he dies?
    The players need shaking up. Wenger wont and isnt the man to do that. if he was past teams would have got closer to the title and finals.
    We are the very definition of madness.
    Change MUST happen

    These AKB's (Arsene Knows Best) disciples never fail to amaze me. Arsene Wenger had to have cast a spell on them. They are all in awe of him. They are all drunk from the kool aid of delusionhe fed to feed to them! It is like they are on the Titanic going down; and in a trance-like delusional state still recite the AKB creed "Arsene - Knows - Best".

    Reality check. Arsene has lost the plot. He has made the club slip into mediocracy. Every game is a struggle for us now, from the top to the bottom club. They all fancy their chances when they come up against us.

    I just had to shake my head watching Jose Enrique the Liverpool left back turning in a man-of-the match performance against Chelsea today. I remembered when he was linked to possibly joining Arsenal form Newcastle. I was overjoyed because I had seen him play and knew that he was a solid player. The next thing I knew we got Santos instead, (one of his panic purchases of last season). Perhaps he wanted to continue the teaching from his bible to his disciples that he acquires average players and made them into stars, amen.

    I will always remember Fergie saying that he would NEVER have allowed Manchester United go seven years without silverware. Wenger is comfortable with that drought. His ambition is to secure the FOURTH SPOT!

    In Arsene We Trust? IN ARSENE WE RUST!!

    Wenger has lost it tactically.He plays in the same attacking style.Teams know how to beat Arsenal but the fm doesn't want to change his system. He has slammed the defence for the lapses when he shd be held accountable for the poor defence the last seven years starting with the goalie.
    A go alie has never been properly bought since Leheman left.Similarly with the defence. It was really laughable when he hashe he had Campb ell and Silvester against Barcelona in the cl.l am glad they got beaten otherwise the pain of losing in the final will be greater.
    In short he has been given too much time and power and doesn't seem or want to move in the right direction,He shd go before Arsenal slip firther in to the morass for the next five years.,

    i'd rather fall into mediorcraty with a new manager ( worse case senario ) than to stick with wenger . his time has ended . he cant take this team no further , time for change , its embarrassing at this stage . go wenger before your legasy is compeletely ruined . TIME FOR CHANGE

    you're talking about patience? then what happened to the 8 trophy less years?? can u be patient enough?

    How true.
    I know we can buy success like the other two clubs. But, Can we afford it. I am sure if we had another manager in the past few years, he would have bankrupted the club and winning maybe, just maybe, a trophy or two. Its that what as fans we want?
    Arsene had overseen the most successful period in the club history. He and the board knpws that they have to chang to mantain their competitiveness. They did it by building a model for the linger term future; a new stadium. In doing so they had to sacrifice success. We do not have a sugar daddy. Period. Although our finances have vastly improved over the past few years, we DO NOT MAKE MONEY without property or player sales. Get that into your heads, some of you.
    I think the club has acumulated sufficient reserves over the past few years coupled with improving commercial revenue will put the club in a very good base to start spending; but, with limitations of course. We cannot compete with the tycoon's playthings. Only that we can come close to compete with the likes of MU, Bayern.
    A new manager, only if he can accept a limited budget. Can Mourrinho, Pep etc etc accept this limitation? Anology fom Liverpool. Their previous manager, the spanish waiter, spend and spend, despite that frequently complain the board does not give him enough money.
    a final note: I think Arsene will leave quietly whne his contract expires in 2013/14(?). We will after that start to appreciate what he had done for the club, the structures he had in place for the greater good.
    Thanks to Arsene, we are wallowing and at the same time critical of the success he brought and the lack of.

    Let's get some perspective. I'm not saying Arsene hasn't come to the point where he should let someone take over but I don't think this slump would've been avoided wit anyone else at the helm. The stadium cost 400m and the opposition have been bankrolled by some seriously rich individuals. The slump would've happenned after the stadium was bought no matter who was in charge, it's simple economics. The stadium move was a decision made for the long-term future of the club into the next 30 years. Having said that you look at clubs such as Sheffield Wednesday who were once in the Premier League and had a ground infamously considered good enough to host FA Cup Semi-Finals. If you make the wrong choices with who runs the club and get relegated it doesn't matter how big your stadium is, you won't be a profitable or successful club. The reason Arsene stays is because the position of the team in the circumstances of carrying the stadium debt is acceptable to the board. This team above all needs to continue to get Champions League revenue, pay off the stadium and move on once the debt is cleared. The last thing they want to do is gamble on a new manager and the possibility of dropping into the relegation zone because that could kill the club at this point.

    When z emirates stadium was built i thought Arsenal will become a mighty club in Europe, but instead it becomes a youth center like lamesya, i mean if Wenger is not to be blamed then who else, selling his best player every year, keeping the dead woods who earn more than some key players, talk about players wage cup and financial stability by earning even more than Fergie, have an objective to finish fourth and qualify for champions league and always gives a stupid excuse every time Arsenal lost a game .
    come on gunners, how many times should we have to boo our x players let them know we fans have the highest power on the club.

    Many managers force their team to compete without money and while their clubs are not desired destination for stars. AW managed to ruin the club with favorable circumstances and each year he makes things worse for next manager. Who wants know to play in Arsenal? Where will we get money (with fair financial play rules entering into force) to bring new stars if we dont have at a moment a player who can be sold for 10-15 millions? Fuck AW, fuck AKBs. I am a supporter of Juventus and AFC. Juventus also had been in trouble for some years (not 8) but it was making all possible to develop and it was interesting to watch how they fought. It never sold its best stars. As for situation with AFC its absolutely crazy. It was unbelievable absolutely imposible and foolish sale that completely striped afc of stars. Board and greedykronke and that old fool AW lie to fans and fans, usualy resonable people, believe in that lie year after year.

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